Quitting Smoking Side Effects

Quitting smoking side effects, how to quit smoking quickly and easily

How to maintain healty weight to stop somking

Popular Weight Loss Myths
There are many myths in the weight loss industry. Unfortunately, these can give people incorrect information, and make it harder for them to achieve their weight loss goals. This article exposes some of the most common myths. check this out bestwaytoloseweightrapidly.net)

 If you research the topic of weight loss it won’t take long before you come across contradictory advice. Often, the advice is well-intentioned — but occasionally, the advice is actually harmful to your success. Unfortunately, there are a variety of weight loss myths around, which can easily leave you confused. Here are a few popular weight loss myths which aren’t true.
Carbohydrates Are Bad

While low carbohydrate diets can provide several benefits, the idea that all carbohydrates are bad is misinformed. Healthy carbohydrates such as fruit, vegetables, and whole aims are certainly very good for you. However, junk food is often high in processed carbohydrates and these are worth avoiding.
Read more about diet work here

You Can Burn The Excess Fat with Exercise
 It’s true that you can burn excess calories through exercise. But if your diet is poor, it’s unlikely you will make much of a difference. Successful weight loss is primarily controlled by the food you consume. What’s more, excessive exercise will actually increase your hunger — so you may end up eating all of those lost calories back. It's much wiser to focus on healthy eating as well, and not rely solely on exercise.

You Can ‘Spot Reduce’ Specific Areas Of Your Body
Many fitness gadgets exist which make the promise of spot reduction —or losing weight from a specific area of your body. Commonly, this will be the stomach or thigh area. However, spot reduction doesn’t work. Your body stores subcutaneous fat all over your body, and as you lose weight, your overall body fat percentage will reduce. But you can’t choose where the fat will come from specifically.

Strength Training Isn’t Good For Weight Loss
Many people are afraid to lift weights, thinking if will make them too muscular. But the truth is, it takes a lot more planning to develop a bodybuilder physique than lifting weights three times a week. However, strength training can be very effective for weight loss, because increasing your lean muscle mass will help to bum more excess calories, even when you’re sleeping.

There are a variety of weight loss myths which continue to circulate. But it’s important to follow proven advice, if you want to achieve good results, without becoming confused. When you break it down, weight loss is actually fairly straight forward so there’s no need to find the latest fad diet for success.

Tobacoo and acid reflux diease

Easy ways to end Acid Reflux

Dozens of people are affected by Acid Reflux Disease - adults, children and even babies can not flee his problem. Mainly, Acid Reflux or heartburn refers to the disease caused by which acid from the abdomen to the throat. Scientifically, the process occurs when there is a relaxation that occurs in the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), then allowing the abdomen juice flow into the esophagus.

There are already various circumstances that are connected to this. Several of them are typical people anxiety, exercise increase insufficient physical and unhealthy diet. All these have single impact of the increase of body - the body in the production of acid, thus, resulting to Acid Reflux Disease. Acid reflux is mainly caused by the malfunction of the esophageal sphincter. In other cases, it may also be caused by the defective production of stomach acids. There is certainly a lack of supply of the abdomen acid, the valve in the stomach responsible for producing food in the intestine will not open. It irritates the esophagus and leads to inflammation.

A number of factors that can trigger acid reflux is the hernia, zollinger-elison syndrome, hypercalcemia, Scleroderma and systemic sclerosis. Paradoxical beliefs, alcohol, tea-compliant and can sometimes lead to gastro esophageal reflux. But recent studies show that, although people already infected by this disease may be aggravated by alcohol, tea and low, these components cause the disease. Compared to the use of tobacco, which increases the risk of getting the disease, alcohol, tea and low had the smallest amount impact. But this does not mean that GERD infected people are free to require beverages above. Doctors suggest always avoid drinking alcohol in order to shun further aggravation.

Quitting smoking side effects in details

Negative effects include cold sores and According to a scientific study that smoking cessation may cause temporary situations such as sore mouth or cold injury. The researchers say that smokers are exposed to such cases, two weeks after leaving the smoking habit. The study included 174 people quit smoking in different periods (one week or two weeks or six weeks). And researches are likely to appear on the leavers smoking habit after a week or two weeks, including symptoms of colds and sore throat, coughing and sneezing. The study found that one-third of people surveyed about three or more of these symptoms during the first week. Lesions as they appear likely during the first two weeks. But all the symptoms disappear after six weeks. The researchers say the increase in mouth ulcers may be due to the loss of the effect of smoking anti-bacteria, while the symptoms of colds due to short-term inhibition of the immune system.  

Quitting smoking side effects position step
A positive step The researchers say they are from the Faculty of Medicine at St George's Hospital in London, said this is the first study to provide evidence for what is being said about increasing the symptoms of colds and sore mouth after quitting smoking. They say that psychological preparedness for such cases will reduce the negative effects of smoking cessation. And Amanda Sandford, research director of the "Ash" interested in health and smoking, the temporary negative symptoms that result from quitting smoking should not weaken the will of wanting to quit. She adds that these symptoms are unpredictable, but it is important that smokers know what can happen in the case of quitting the habit, and it should be stressed to quit smoking is a good thing. " But believes that if the side effects lasted for a long time For one who does not smoke check with your doctor. There is no doubt that the cigarette contains several substances, including nicotine, a substance substance Taudih no doubt about that, and there are carcinogens or substances Almtsrtna, and there are also toxic gases such as carbon dioxide.
Quitting smoking side effects within chemical mindset
As for the substance nicotine - the active substance in terms of chemicals that interact with the nervous system to the smoker - lead to some getting used to not deny that at all, but getting used to that happening substance nicotine, although there is the chemical in them except that the psychological aspect is an important aspect, because the smoker follows a kind of ritual very own; Vidkhan at times and certain places under certain mood, and there are links from other things cigarette Kcop of coffee or tea, or with a certain group of people ... And so on. Authorization; these aspects of the psychological aspects are strong and true and that next to the biological and chemical. We do not deny that the smoker who smokes heavily be vulnerable to some of the effects or withdrawal symptoms very simple to nicotine, is known too that the smoker if it stops suddenly may happen to him a kind of anxiety, tension or dizziness simple, but that does not last more than three days, in the worst cases, the for a week, and this withdrawal reaches its peak on the second day and then begins to decline and disappear completely after a week, but probably remains the psychological aspect of ritual that I mentioned to you in this letter was issued Authorization; when you've completed the forty days, there is no chemical or biological effect for nicotine in your body, I can assure you this scientific fact very clear. These symptoms Tantapk of anxiety and tension I think as aspects of psychological rather than as aspects of the biological real, and I would not connect at all between them and you quit smoking, then praise be to God you have completed great and this by the grace of God to you, and anxiety and tension may have other reasons, but the fact that you As long as you removed yourself from the cigarette must compensate yourself with something else, yourself Instead of taking advantage of your time and See Exercise and Sport, communication and attend seminars reading ... These alternatives are great cover for you, God willing, what I've missed. Authorization; so must the type of internal self-compensation, at the same time that I would not find justification for yourself, never link between these symptoms that have occurred to you, smoking, and if there were symptoms of withdrawal symptoms is to be real in the first few days as I've mentioned. I see that I do not mind never to take a drug very simple anti-anxiety, there is a drug is very simple, known as Motevall not mind that you eat a rate of one tablet at noon for two weeks, and then dealt with a grain of day after day for up to two weeks, then stop eating. Believe me, that sport and exercise seriously will also help you clearly.
Quitting smoking side effects and the symptoms
Authorization; These symptoms are not of never quitting smoking; because the period in which the effects of withdrawal and the obvious is over for you, and we must congratulate you on that achievement as I've mentioned. And raised by people about smoking is unfortunately very common in the community, and we must tell you that the pharmaceutical companies have played a big role in it, and now these companies have become go and promoted in the regions and countries where there is no awareness of the full or where there are no laws that govern smoking, and become exploited ordinary people are ugly, then what is promoted is a lie and does not apply at all the constants scientific or not there is what is supported by the fundamentals of science that so and so had to quit smoking and then suffered a stroke, but on the contrary, knows that smoking is a major cause of stroke and cancers and infections of the liver and small arteries, called the so-called ... And people trying to justify trying to promote, has heard many things, I have heard that So and so has died was not a smoker .. Why he died? People say things that are not acceptable and funny you should not listen to them. Believe me, I heard from some people that leave the alcohol can lead to death because alcohol helps to expand the coronary artery in the heart, to imagine such a thing and so many things said about and promoted by the name of science which is not the facts.
Quitting smoking side effects and doctors opinion  
Quitting smoking side effects
As for your question: Do you smoke two cigarettes a day is very harmful? I say to you: Yes.. I think so, and I think that the issue of smoking must be treated seriously, and the man who is true to himself should not be there any kind of justification for him to approach the cigarette, Valsijarh and a half or ten cigars or twenty cigarettes I think they are all harmful, I do not say it in the same proportion of the damage But the man who never start does not guarantee, the matter may rise may rise, For Rights to avert himself away and stay away full. That you mentioned reminded me of one of the research famous conducted by a psychiatrist named (Davis) - who was pro-Alekholiyn who have failed to stop - and stated that he can Kholiyn can eat a cup or two cups every night, and he has his experiments and Avni all his life in this, but turned out at the end of the matter is that reported from the ideas and opinions has led to a lot of damage for many people, it has been follow-up cases that allowed them to deal with these quantities simple, and in the view that most of them were dealing with larger quantities in secret, even from the attended and eating small amounts simple and become more addicted and attached to the wines and the rate of handling of the wine, and when paired this sample with samples other found that the rate of cirrhosis of the liver in the sample, which have resorted to drink disciplined or organized to cirrhosis of the liver and its center is very high, then A person has to move away from suspicion, and must be kept the same , and it is not any kind of bargaining or any kind of justification .. These are scientific facts, and I repeat that I am very happy that you stopped smoking and I congratulate you on that, and you have patience and steadfastness

effects of quitting smoking

Effects of quitting smoking
Quit Smoking Now!
It is quite clear that smoking is a major cause of death in the world. If you smoke also increases the chances of getting diseases that end their life. The best known diseases are attributed to snuff heart problems, lung cancer, mouth cancer and other diseases related to throat, bladder, liver and pancreas. Many of these diseases are so severe that there is still no treatment for them. Cases of gangrene have been found in diabetic patients who smoke in large quantities.
Now is the time to leave the snuff and quitting immediately. Do not think that it is impossible to achieve, as there is plenty of cases of smokers who have quit for good. All you need is determination and time to achieve its objective will be happy and satisfied.
Effects of quitting smoking
Follow these rules and see the results:
The first is to make a firm determination to stamp out smoking. When you have achieved this step, determine a definite date for its implementation. Since that date, you will never touch a cigarette.
For a smoker, smoking is one of its core activities. Now that you've decided to quit, to do without great suffering, find other activities for those times that previously spent smoking.
Effects of quitting smoking
To the extent that the date of leaving snuff approaches, try to minimize the consumption of cigarettes and variety of the conditions under which you were smoking. Take a glass, fill with water and throw the butts in there.
Try to focus on the benefits of quitting smoking in their spare time. You will find that quitting will provide many advantages over smoking. Once victorious, there will be dramatically reduced the risk of heart problems, cancer and other deadly diseases. While you will be tired now lived more energy for other activities. You also earn daily resistance to other diseases as colds, flu. That persistent cough and snoring disappear as if by magic. Their quality of life will increase dramatically in a few days.
Quitting smoking will also save a lot of money, money that was invested yourself in harm your health. Put all the money allocated to snuff before in a piggy bank in a month and count the savings achieved.
In the initial phases, nicotine will show its effects. It will be almost impossible to overcome temptation. However, try to distract your mind. You can also have some side effects of nicotine withdrawal such as headaches, irritation and occasional coughing. These are positive signs. At this stage, drink plenty of water. Keep your hands and mouth busy with other activities.
Do not worry too much about this as this will diminish over time as very short term. At first you may feel a little anxiety. To control this anxiety does not consume caffeinated beverages, breathe deeply and take daily walks. The best way to handle this stage is doing much exercise.
Effects of quitting smoking
The amount of carbon monoxide in the blood will decrease and turn a considerable increase in oxygen. Your face will look brighter and more pink skin. The beating of your heart will begin to normalize and cleanse your lungs. The risk of heart attack will decrease gradually if you stay quit for a period of one to two years.
To keep things interesting, find a friend interested in conducting smoking cessation along with him. Both will be amazed at the progress. Always try to avoid places that remind his old habit. After quitting smoking, many people gain a little weight. To avoid this, sign up for a gym or do a workout at home, eat healthy and optimize your lifestyle.
Some dangerous substances can replace the nicotine, but should not be taken without the corresponding prescription of a physician. For example, nicotine gum, Bupropion, inhalers and nasal sprays nicotine. These drugs can assist in the complete abandonment of the habit. If you decide to go this route, please see your doctor.
Now, you have taken the course, it's time to start rewarding yourself for your accomplishments. See your piggy, amazed to see how much money you're saving and how much extra stuff you can do with it.
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side effects of quitting smoking

Side effects of quitting smoking
Symptoms Stop Smoking
The 10 most common symptoms for quitting
There are many different symptoms for smoking cessation in smokers who are trying to quit smoking. The range of symptoms is very wide, but fortunately, most smokers will not suffer any symptoms, only one or two. However, some symptoms can be very annoying and can motivate smokers to quit commissioning smoking cessation.
In alphabetical order, the 10 symptoms for quitting most common:
Side effects of quitting smoking
Symptoms Smoking Cessation # 1. Anger: When you stop smoking, your brain chemistry is not able to function normally because it has no nicotine in your system. As a result, smokers who have been out of the smoke of a day can be a little cranky. They tend to be a pretty nasty company and are likely to lose his temper very easily.
Side effects of quitting smoking
Symptoms Smoking Cessation # 2. Bad breath or halitosis: This is one of the most antisocial symptoms of quitting smoking. Many people recommend chewing gum, as it not only gives your mouth something to do but also includes odor. What most smokers do not realize is that he had bad breath anyway. It's just really came to notice because I quit!
Side effects of quitting smoking
Symptoms Smoking Cessation # 3. Constipation is not known specifically why, but many smokers complain of constipation when they quit. The intestinal tract tends to decrease, but is usually only temporary. The only resource is recommended drinking plenty of water and eat plenty of foods rich in fiber such as wholemeal bread and fruit.
Side effects of quitting smoking
Symptoms Smoking Cessation # 4. Cough: By quitting, lungs finally have the time to start cleaning themselves. This process does not operate normally when smoked. Coughing is for the removal of mucus that has accumulated in recent years. This wet cough should only last a week or two, and is the body's own natural way to clean the interior.
Side effects of quitting smoking
Symptoms Smoking Cessation # 5. Cravings: By quitting, you miss a regular supply of nicotine. After only 3 days there is nothing in the body. The brain is so used to the nicotine question "where is" and calls for more to give cravings. Your best resource is this for a while distracted. The craving only lasts a minute or two and become over time.
Side effects of quitting smoking
Symptoms Smoking Cessation # 6. Dizziness: By quitting, your body starts fixing red blood cells that have been prevented with carbon monoxide. After a couple of days, 15% of the blood of a smoker becomes dysfunctional adequate blood to work again. Dizziness is a side effect of extra oxygen in the blood supply to the brain.
Side effects of quitting smoking
Symptoms Smoking Cessation # 7. Headaches: your body has gotten used to the nicotine in the system, while you were a smoker. Now that nicotine has decreased, the chemistry of your brain is trying to restore. Sometimes this is manifested by headaches. To address this, it is best to avoid caffeinated beverages like coffee or cola and drink plenty of water. Take some painkillers when needed.
Side effects of quitting smoking
Symptoms Smoking Cessation # 8. Hunger: The craving can be mistaken for hunger. It has been used to stop smoking a cigarette (or something) in the mouth once every hour during the last years. He's gone. Try sucking on a straw, eating raw vegetables or low-calorie chewing gum. Do not switch the chocolate chips because you are fat.
Side effects of quitting smoking
Symptoms Smoking Cessation # 9. Insomnia: Because the brain was used nicotine and is no longer there, the brain is not functioning the way it is used. As a result, it may keep him from being nervous and able to sleep. Take a hot bath and a hot drink and see if you can not fall asleep as normal.
Side effects of quitting smoking
Symptoms Smoking Cessation # 10. Sore throat: His body has been used for many secretions of mucus in the airways, while you were a smoker to deal with the irritation of smoke. By quitting smoking, stopping the production of this mucus and leaves you with dry throat becomes sore. Drink plenty of water to try to relieve the symptoms. If they get too bad, try a spray over-the-counter anesthetic.
Side effects of quitting smoking
All these symptoms to quit going to conspire against him. What irritates and annoys you when you try to quit smoking. But remember, are only symptoms and they all pass with time. As irritating and annoying, none of them is as boring as an early death caused by cigarettes.
Whatever you do, when you are trying to quit smoking, the advice is to never stop trying to quit smoking.
Why people try to quit before I knew how to quit smoking, unaware of the symptoms to stop smoking?
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bad effects of smoking

Bad effects of smoking

How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes

6 Steps To Know How to Stop Cigarette Smoking Forever

Want to know how to stop smoking cigarettes? How often have you said to yourself or another person, "I really need to quit"? In the event that is similar to many cigarette smokers, their response is: "Often"

You are not alone. Statistics show that about 90% of current smokers have a desire to get rid of his addiction to snuff. It is actually possible with a little effort and devotion. Ultimately, it is easy to find a way to quit smoking and live healthier. If you are determined to know how to quit smoking, here's a comprehensive plan to quit their addiction to nicotine.

Bad effects of smoking

Step 1: Resolve to stop smoking

Like any plan of action, little can be achieved until a decision is solid to go on and achieve their plans. The same applies to how to stop smoking cigarettes. In general, smokers are suffering from anxiety and fear of what will go through every day and not to nicotine.

Instead of being afraid to fully commit, we decided to make a commitment to participate in the tasks that can help you quit smoking more successfully. You just tell yourself "I'll start with my recovery plan with an open mind and work on strategies in this guide on how to quit smoking."

Does not sound much easier to decide this right now to light another cigarette? Of course! A lifetime commitment to refrain from smoking cigarettes is very complex for many smokers. Best effectiveness for every day and work to stop smoking is very plausible.

Bad effects of smoking

Step 2: List of your personal reasons for quitting

Written content is required. You should list each and every one of the reasons for wanting to quit smoking, reasons really. There is good reason to reach that do not mean much in your specific case. If you can afford cigarettes, cigarette prices might not be a reason to quit. However, if you focus on your health and is afraid of being one in the annual statistics of the consumption of snuff that ends in death, health will be a good reason for you to give up smoking cigarettes.

Other reasons for how to quit smoking may include: The welfare of their children, the desire for more production at work, does not want to smell unpleasant for people who do not smoke, trying to be a model for their teens , etc.

Be sure to create your list of good reasons to quit smoking on a sheet of paper or notebook in miniature to have with you throughout the process.

Bad effects of smoking

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cause and effect of smoking

cause and effect of smoking

Determine your quit date

This step is very important to know how to stop smoking cigarettes. As you discover that it is not easy to go from smoking a pack of cigarettes or more a day to be a non smoker the next day and although some ex-smokers could stop this way, most simply can not. Alternatively, to try to awaken the next morning as a non smoker, must be determined to wake up tomorrow with the goal of a smoke less than they did today, at least.

Over time, just want to smoke about 10 or 15 cigarettes a day before they finally quit. Based on the amount you smoke each day and the amount of cigarettes each day decides to reduce the specific date for quitting arrive around 15 to 45 days or so from now.

cause and effect of smoking

A simple but effective method to reduce their daily cigarette consumption involves decreasing the number of cigarettes each day, the final decision is yours. In the event that you have many reasons to quit smoking, you can be smart to try to reduce a cigarette every other day, so it will be able to work comfortably toward your goal of quitting smoking cigarette.

cause and effect of smoking

Analyze your intention to quit cigarettes for each person in your life

For many cigarette smokers, unsuccessful attempts to quit smoking can be credited to a single important issue has been maintained the intention to quit in secret. If nobody knows you are learning how to quit smoking, anyone in the world is waiting to see you quit smoking cigarette. Thus, it has nothing to lose by giving up their goals. However, if each person in your life know you are trying to quit smoking, are more inclined to help and continue his recovery plan to avoid the embarrassment of failure.

Apart from the shame of failure, chances are that it will improve your level of support for a former smoker who understands the importance of recovery. Have non-smoking friends, family and colleagues with whom to spend time without the presence of cigarettes is a very valuable in its recovery plan.

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after you quit smoking

after you quit smoking

Step 1: Plan All the alternatives

At the beginning of recovery from addiction to snuff a lot to do in the process. Identify the difference between self-promotion and harmful actions contrary from "substitution of addictive habits" with the implementation of improvements that will carry out their life in general as a former smoker.

Understanding how to stop smoking is a very personal program. While there are a few tips and therapeutic action plans have worked wonders for tens of thousands of smokers, the data in all plans are related to the needs of each smoker. For example, although some smokers may prefer to replace the cigarette back in the morning with a hearty breakfast, a glass of cold water, shower, or brushing teeth in the morning, others may want to replace the cigarette in the morning to go running, silent meditation, yoga or any activity that works properly.

For each section of the day, there must be alternative actions to smoke cigarettes to enjoy. In time you will feel like a new person, and be more ready to finally quit smoking.

after you quit smoking

Step 2: Join a Support Group

There are many ex-smokers groups capable of providing support and guidance every day to keep pace to quit. Find similar people with the same goal of quitting smoking cigarette, the more likely to stop smoking for good.

It is easy to discover how to stop smoking cigarettes. Quitting smoking may well be a struggle, but the actions in the direction of addiction to cigarette smoking are very simple in nature. One step out of worries and start paying attention to their deepest desires. Use this plan of how to stop smoking for a healthier life without snuff and free.

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symptoms of quitting smoking

symptoms of quitting smoking

Best natural ways to quit smoking

There are countless products on the market to help someone quit smoking. Drugs and chemicals line the shelves of drug stores, which is a testament to the popularity of supplements quickly and easily. These products can be convincing, but sometimes they lose that smokers are natural ways to quit smoking.

Here are some popular natural methods you can take to combat addiction.

Methods herbal

symptoms of quitting smoking

St. John's Wort is an herbal supplement that is an anti-depressant. However, the medical community is discovering that this herb may do more than help depression. In fact, recent preliminary studies suggest that smoking herb can aid in decreasing cravings. This treatment option is to get prompt service for those who want to quit.

St. John's Wort works by increasing dopamine levels in the brain - you can see why this is useful for a person in depression. But smokers also lose dopamine levels after smoking cessation. In fact, the loss can increase desire and even depression. This treatment will work right when someone stops smoking.

With the herb St. John, former smoker can now find a way to combat cravings naturally in pill or powder.


symptoms of quitting smoking

One of the problems of smoking cessation programs is that they often do not address the problems of addiction. Some programs focus on providing you with a replacement for the effects of nicotine such as nicotine patches. No wonder that some smokers do not find a way to eliminate your cravings psychologically.

Hypnotherapy provides a psychological approach to combat smoking addiction. The process focuses on suggesting that the subconscious mind not to have the addiction to nicotine. By relaxing the patient to an alternative state of hypnosis, the therapist has a gateway to instill a message to stay away from cigarettes and avoid psychological dependence. Usually, the patient relaxes hypnotherapy in a comfortable chair or couch, so he or she could relax the mind. Sometimes the music is added to help the patient to fall deep in the subconscious mind.

Cold Turkey

symptoms of quitting smoking

"Cold Turkey" is possibly the best known natural way to quit smoking. The procedure is quite simple since it consists quit without any aid or assistance of other products. If you have a strong will, at once can be a good way to let naturally addiction.

Unfortunately, this method can be the hardest as there is no gradually reducing the consumption of snuff, only an abrupt cessation of smoking. Smokers are challenged to stand without the aid of drugs or psychological means. Thus, there are ways to prevent cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Drink plenty of water helps the body to release harmful smoking remnants. In the early days of withdrawal are the worst, mainly due to toxins remain in the system. It is best to use all means available to combat the harmful effects of the early days.

When a craving, a person can find substitutes for the consumption of snuff juice, or avoid your attention to something else. Sometimes being too busy can make it impossible to find the time to smoke. All these applications depend on the willingness to quit.

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benefits of not smoking

Benefits of not smoking

Smoking, Soda and Obesity

Moreover, smokers who quit using behavior therapy were not only more likely to quit smoking, but also to gain a little weight or no weight.

In one study, it was found that smokers, especially women who received advice weight, and medicinal treatment sessions and some anti-smoking to quit rate did not gain weight. In the case of smoking and weight loss or weight maintenance, the combination worked better in the long run.

Most agree that smoking is bad for your health and will try to quit smoking. However, many will worry about weight gain can and will start smoking again. Smoking this has long topped the list of habits that contribute to preventable heart disease, lung disease and cancer.

Benefits of not smoking

Combining the two soft drinks and smoking habits can be doubly dangerous for people endangering a number of serious diseases. Obesity, for example, can increase the time to a hospital because of the complications related to the weight.

Obesity has many causes, some more obvious than others. However, obesity and the connection with soft drinks is also very expensive for the health. The fast food industry invests $ 4 billion annually on marketing of unhealthy products and will continue to do so

Imagine one very cold, refreshing soda or the beautiful and famous coca cola and ice cold. Hummmmm delights. But his health in the future also depends on your choices.

The results are evident in the epidemic of obesity is a major part of the population are considered overweight or obese. In addition, we have experienced a doubling of the percentage of obese adults and a tripling of the number of obese children in the last 30 years, according to some published articles.

Benefits of not smoking

What is the evidence linking soft drinks and obesity?

A 2006 article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 39 years in one study had found that most of the evidence is a connection between sugar-sweetened beverages and weight gain. Moreover, they conclude that the evidence is strong enough to encourage public health strategies to promote a reduction in consumption of sugary drinks as a way to improve health.

Benefits of not smoking

A 2009 article in the same journal examined national trends in soft drink consumption between 1998 and 2004. The results showed an increase in the percentage of adults with sugar-sweetened beverages. They also found that consumption of these beverages was highest among the groups most at risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Unlike many other fast foods, soft drinks can be particularly dangerous because they can provide a lot of sugary calories. In other words, calories are completely empty and you still have to find something to eat because you're still hungry.

Various articles in specialized journals and the popular press have promoted the idea of ​​a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages as a way to reduce consumption.

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side effects from quitting smoking

side effects from quitting smoking

Cigarette smoking is a major public health problems

Characterizing the situation

Tobacco consumption is a major public health problems, being a major cause of morbidity and mortality, and it is considered a global epidemic.

The smoking habit is usually acquired during adolescence, and the causes, mostly social.

Tobacco smoke contains several substances, including nicotine. The nicotine inhaled in cigarette smoke is rapidly absorbed from the respiratory tract mucosa, mouth and skin, having a high concentration in the brain, stomach, kidneys and liver.

Actions of nicotine:

Increased blood pressure

Increased O 2 consumption by the myocardium

Increase of blood coagulation and platelet aggregation

Increased motility and secretion of gastric juices

Respiratory stimulation

Marked stimulation of the central nervous system (CNS)


Vasoconstriction of the coronary arteries

side effects from quitting smoking

The effects that nicotine has on the brain are temporarily pleasing and they are leading to continued use of tobacco. Five to eight seconds after initiation of tobacco smoking, nicotine mimics the effects of acetylcholine, releasing narodrenanila and dopamine. These substances produce feeling of well being, causing an initial stimulation, followed by a cool feeling d. The individual develops tolerance to the sense of calm, which leads to more smoking.

Apart from the effects of nicotine and other substances which are tobacco smoke (responsible for the associated diseases), smoking is still responsible for a lower voice in women, the characteristic cough of smokers, for premature aging of skin, tooth decay and by increased susceptibility to respiratory infections. Moreover, smokers may suffer from halitosis and have often bad odor on clothes and hair.

Consequences of smoking:

Diseases of the respiratory

Cardiovascular Disease

Gastrointestinal disorders


Cigarette smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage and premature birth. The baby may have low birth weight and birth defects.

The dependence results from the body's physical vulnerability to nicotine, which is potentially available as additive in smokers discontinuing their inhalation. Since, during the addition, the increase acetylcholine receptors, in attempts to quit smoking, the activity increases in order pronuciada acetylcholine, causing irritability. The nicotine withdrawal syndrome varies from individual to individual and has a rapid onset (24-48h) for weeks or months.

side effects from quitting smoking

Signs of addiction:

Successive failed attempts to quit smoking

Marked withdrawal symptoms, to stop smoking

Failing to stop smoking, despite having health problems related

Prefer tobacco to social activities

Withdrawal symptoms:



Difficulty concentrating

High blood pressure


Decreased responsiveness



The use of tobacco or other source of nicotine must be eliminated completely during nicotine replacement therapy, as it may lead to toxic levels of nicotine in the body.

The dose of nicotine should be gradually lowered to stop the treatment is a minimum dose.

side effects from quitting smoking

Non-pharmacological therapy / prevention

There are some recommendations of the Directorate General of Health that can be given to individuals to support smoking smoking cessation:

Announce to friends and family's decision to quit

Mark a date to quit smoking

Avoid circumstances and situations that usually smoked

Make healthy eating

side effects from quitting smoking

Set aside money that would spend on the purchase of tobacco, to confirm what you save with smoking cessation

Prevention, the pharmacy may be made at several levels:

Strengthening tobacco cessation to all users

Information about the consequences of smoking to all users

Identification of smokers (mainly at-risk groups) and smoking cessation counseling

Tracking in the process of smoking cessation, so as to prevent any relapses.

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positive effects of smoking

Positive effects of smoking

Smoking - Nicotine Addiction


The history of tobacco

The story tells us that tobacco is natural in the Andes. It was used by various Indian tribes of Central America in their rituals.

The expedition of Christopher Columbus was responsible for bringing the plant and tobacco seeds to Spain, and in 50 years have smoked a pipe across the European continent.

Positive effects of smoking

Smoking - Nicotine addiction

Smoking is the act of consuming tobacco products. Usually this action is caused by propaganda or influence other people already smoking.

The person who smokes becomes addicted to nicotine, a carcinogen, which operates in the central nervous system such as cocaine, heroin, alcohol and other substances.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that smoking should be considered a pandemic and should be fought.

Positive effects of smoking

May 31 is World No Tobacco Day.

Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

The World Health Organisation has 192 countries as members, which in 2003 approved the first international public health treaty in history - the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which has as its main objective "to preserve the present and future generations, the devastating health consequences, social, environmental and economic consumption and exposure to tobacco smoke, "according to Article 3 of the Convention.

Smokehouse is the place for smokers

Positive effects of smoking

On July 15, 1996 created the Federal Law number 9294, which in its Article 2, states that "it is forbidden the use of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or any other type of smoking product, or not derived from tobacco, in enclosure collective, private or public, except in area designated solely for that purpose, properly insulated and aerated convenient. " "These include the provisions of this article the government offices, hospitals and health centers, classrooms, libraries, halls of collective work and the theaters and cinema" (according to paragraph 1).

Numbers, Statistics and Research

In cigarette smoke can find more than four thousand toxic substances such as nicotine, benzene, DDT, polonium-210, ammonia, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, acrolein, lead, cadmium, etc..

Smokers have a tenfold risk of becoming ill with lung cancer.

According to IBGE surveys, the prevalence of smokers in the population, which in 1989 was down 32.4% to 17.1% in 2008.

Smokers are five times more likely to suffer heart attacks, chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

An article published in 2007 in the Brazilian Journal of reports that the death rate from lung cancer, Trachea and Bronchi in Brazil, from 1980 to 2003, fell among the men. With women the rate increased, as have increased the prevalence of smoking among women.

Smokers have twice the risk of stroke.

U.S. researchers reported that women who work or live in environments without smoking have lower rates of breast cancer.

The patient with prostate cancer, a smoker has increased risk of death by 61% compared to nonsmokers who have the disease.

A study titled World Health Statistics 2011, released in May 2011 in Geneva, the WHO reports that two thirds of deaths per year world population occurs because of non-communicable diseases like heart problems, stroke, diabetes and cancer .

Have been implicated in 50 types of diseases caused by smoking.

The USP researchers showed that smoking causes rheumatoid arthritis.

The World Bank estimates that cigarette smoking causes a global loss of 200 billion dollars per year on health care, lost production due to the death and illness, early retirement and pensions, fires, pollution, environmental degradation and other types of accidents.

Positive effects of smoking

Tobacco use kills 4.9 million people worldwide and is expected that this number is 10 million in 2030.

Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor effect that causes sexual impotence in men.

Brazil is the fourth largest tobacco producer in the world, surpassed only by China, the United States and India. It ranks first in the worldwide export of tobacco.

Smokers are three times more likely to use alcohol, eight times more likely to use marijuana and twenty-two times more likely to use cocaine.

In 2007, Brazil spent 1.5 billion reais of hospitalization caused by smoking-related diseases.

Positive effects of smoking

The passive smoker

The person who has the habit of smoking, but inhaling the smoke produced from burning tobacco products is known as passive smoking and at risk of having their health compromised.

The WHO advises that the effects of passive smoking are immediate and include irritation of the eyes and nose, headache, sore throat, cough, sudden infant death for babies, ear infections and reduced growth for children, as well as asthma , bronchitis, lung cancer, stroke and breast cancer.

Is there a treatment for smoking?

First, the smoker needs to be aware of the damage to your health and others. In a second step to want to quit, and then seek treatment.

There are several treatment options that can be used separately or combined, as the use of specific drugs that act on the craving, cognitive behavioral therapy, nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) by gum, transdermal patches, nasal spray and aerosol inhalant.

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negative effects of smoking

Negative effects of smoking

Natural Remedies to Stop Smoking

Prepare to quit

Quitting is not easy and is likely to have tried and failed many times. The first step should be the physical and mental preparation.

There are natural remedies to quit smoking that used for four weeks before you stop smoking, will help when the big day arrives - your first day without cigarettes - you feel confident and prepared!

Negative effects of smoking

One of the barriers encountered with which the person trying to quit smoking is the depression and moodiness usually associated with nicotine withdrawal. Some programs to stop smoking, recommend using prescription antidepressants before actually leaving cigarettes and continue with them for some months.

This has proved successful in helping many people. However, we recommend natural remedies free of synthetic drugs. Avoid synthetic drugs unless absolutely necessary and if no other alternative.

Negative effects of smoking

While they can help, synthetic anti-depressants can also cause side effects that make the nicotine withdrawal more difficult and may even make you start smoking again. People who are trying to quit smoking should be careful about their health and often feel that using a synthetic drug does not fit with this philosophy. In addition, synthetic antidepressants are expensive and require a doctor's prescription.

The problem with using nicotine to stop smoking

The nicotine patches, sprays and gum, are an important part of programs to stop smoking in trade remedies.

Negative effects of smoking

Besides the enormous cost to your pocket, using nicotine products to stop smoking also has a cost to health.

Nicotine is a poison and is the reason why smokers are at risk for a wide range of diseases, some of them fatal. Most people stop smoking to reduce these health risks caused by regular use of nicotine. We believe that there is little point in continuing on to nicotine while trying to stop smoking. This only increases the risk to your health and keeps you addicted to nicotine. However this is only because your body is getting the nicotine in another form.

Negative effects of smoking

A natural way

The most effective way to quit is to prepare to combat the symptoms commonly associated with quitting smoking. Many people experience anxiety, depression, sweet cravings and lack of concentration.

Fortunately, nature has excellent remedies for these symptoms. Formulated correctly by health professionals, there are natural remedies to quit smoking commercial that contain a unique combination of herbal and mineral ingredients to assist with the management of depression, anxiety, cravings and support mental concentration. This means that you will feel a sense of comfort and confidence before you start stop smoking!

Negative effects of smoking

These remedies contain therapeutic doses of Hypericum and Scuttelaria laterifolia, two herbs well known for its beneficial effects on mood and nervous system health. While Hypericum helps balance serotonin levels in the brain and ensure the healthy functioning of the entire nervous system, acts as a tonic Scuttelaria nervous system and also prevents insomnia and headaches usually associated with nicotine withdrawal.

Supported by clinical research, both herbs have proved extremely effective in the treatment of depression and anxiety. Along with these two very beneficial herbs, also formulated Chromium Picolinate, one of the most easily absorbed chromium. Chromium is a mineral that occurs naturally and helps the body process protein and fat. It is also known for assisting with the efficient use of insulin, thereby helping the body maintain levels of normal blood sugar and prevent sugar craving often associated with nicotine withdrawal.

Negative effects of smoking

No matter how you resolved to remove his habit, nicotine craving experienced in the first few weeks can lead you to smoke again. There are natural remedies to quit smoking that contain a unique combination of selected herbal ingredients that are clinically proven to reduce the desire for nicotine because of its effect on brain chemicals associated with addiction. It also contains herbs that help prevent sugar cravings and excessive eating, which often makes people back to cigarettes due to unwanted weight gain.

Negative effects of smoking

Some of the herbs that help stop the addiction to nicotine

Avena sativa is an excellent restorative and nutritious nerve tonic, also known balancing cholesterol levels and prevent insomnia, depression and anxiety. Avena sativa has been used by healers in India for centuries to treat opium addiction. Recent studies have suggested that it is effective in reducing nicotine craving, possibly by balancing levels of brain chemicals (eg acetylcholine) implicated in the attachment.

Garcinia cambogia has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, this member of the citrus family is well known as a natural appetite suppressant and its active ingredient, Hydrocitric acid (HCA) has been clinically proven to help burn the fat and control of high levels of tryglyceridos in the body. Garcinia cambogia is included in natural remedies to quit smoking to prevent sugar cravings and eat often associated with nicotine withdrawal and to avoid the discouragement caused by weight gain during this difficult period of withdrawal.

Negative effects of smoking

Gotu Cola (Centella asiatica) is also part of the Ayurvedic healing tradition, Gotu Cola has been well researched in recent times. Clinical studies demonstrate its effectiveness on concentration levels, memory and systemic circulation. Gotu Cola is used to revitalize the brain and nervous system to improve memory and combat aging. It also helps promote mental clarity, enhance memory and brain to relieve anxiety. This medicinal herb is so highly respected in Ayurvedic medicine for its effect on the mind, he even said to increase knowledge of Brahman - the supreme reality. Recent studies have suggested that Centella asiatica improves cerebral blood flow and circulation in general, thereby allowing oxygen rich blood to penetrate deep into the brain. When trying to quit smoking, many people complain of memory problems and concentration and an inability to focus on their tasks. Gotu Cola include natural remedy to stop smoking helps keep you cognitively in top form.

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quit smoking side effects

Quit smoking side effects

How to Avoid smoking or quit smoking

Hypnosis for how to avoid or quit smoking definitely applies in the same way that has been developed to treat other conditions such as addictions, pain, psychological distress, depression, addictions most common are treated using hypnosis are some as alcohol, snuff, chemical drugs, compulsive shopping, gambling, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, and many other diseases that directly affect our daily lives.

But back to addictions to perform hypnosis treatment for smoking cessation requires maximum concentration focused therapist who works with the patient, reducing the urge to smoke. therefore, once the person wakes up and has dramatically reduced the apprehension by smoking and have new tools to establish a subliminal way, that will help maintain and control.

Quit smoking side effects

This hypnosis treatment for smoking, has the property that is long term, the person starts ensures that once completed, will not depend on to stay away from their addiction, as one of the objectives of this train is the unconscious Non-smoking, because everyone knows, there are aspects of our brain that do not respond to an active state of the same, the amount of memory and motor skills, but they are important action in them, this feature is called unconscious side or subconscious of our brain, which can receive information and act accordingly without even gives us the clue to its presence.

Quit smoking side effects

This feature in the functioning of the human psyche is evidenced by the existence of significant trauma such as accidents or abuse, behaviors that lead to personality disorders without the person being aware of it consciously.

It has been shown through scientific research that hypnosis is a perfectly legitimate to treat addiction. in the treatment of smoking, there are professionals who are dedicated to hypnosis on the premise that smoking is a subconscious habit, held in sessions on it and gradually eliminate the habit definitely more complex process could be labeled active programming of the human psyche

Quit smoking side effects

The advantage of the use of hypnosis to stop smoking is that, in most cases, a session is enough to stop smoking and be free of snuff. This method allows you to stop smoking without anxiety, irritability, eating disorders, arising from the need for a license to produce chemicals in the body is often confused with hunger.

One of the largest studies on the effectiveness of this therapy has shown that hypnosis is the most effective way to quit smoking, compared with alternative methods such as nicotine gum, patches or audio This is directly related to the design mental need for other means, such as patches or gum to pose as a habit, which leads to unconsciously recall the same in the presence of a placebo that the process of abandonment, in a very difficult activity.

Quit smoking side effects

The application of self-hypnosis to stop smoking has significant advantages as an economic tool, which has no side effects, auto-suggestion can be applied in several ways that do not require a great learning experience but also the maximum use of this technique is obtained with time and perseverance.

Generate proposals that smokers stop smoking using self hypnosis more easily in this process, a state of trance and relaxation in which the individual is repeated a number of evocative phrases that lead to change their thinking about the place of the snuff in your life.

This state is similar to that induced in the early stages of sleep and wakefulness, which is classified as an alpha state, an open door to the subconscious, where ideas and concepts to look in the form of mandatory sentences.

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